About Us

The “Veratin Skin Care” trademark, registered by “Flosvita”, is not just cosmetics, it’s a union of new technologies embodied in natural formulations, confirmed by laboratory researches, and strived to give hope to people for improving the quality of their lives, getting rid of problems due to Nature and Science.

The professionalism of an entire team of pharmacists, biologists and chemical technologists engaged in pharmaceutical development since 1992, has allowed us to achieve the universality of our products. Our cosmetics can be used as a home skin care, as well as being an auxiliary therapeutic agent for significant health problems. Twenty-seven-year experience in pharmacology and cosmeceuticals gave us not only the image of a trustworthy company, but also a serious research base in the phytochemistry.

A fundamental feature of “Flosvita” is the complete production cycle of cosmetics, including the research of materials, which we choose and buy independently, the use CO2-extracts of plants of our own production, the constant scientific search for new compositions, the improvement of existing ones, and the sale of products that we always accompany to monitor the quality of the cosmetics.

Taking care that the compositions of our products, which account for up to 94% of natural components, help as many people as possible – we have expanded our profile to therapeutic cosmeceuticals. The main areas in which the “Veratin Skin Care” cosmeceuticals received the most significant results are oncology (protection of the skin tissue of cancer patients during radiation therapy), podology (preservation of the foot tissue of patients with diabetes, the fight against fungal skin and nail damage), cosmetology (elimination aesthetic skin problems: acne, rosacea, pigmentation).

Improving the quality of human life is our main goal. We don’t stop at the results that have been achieved, we’re continuing to study the immunity of skin cells, exploring the properties of plants, looking for new active combinations and helping people feel healthy and enjoy their life fully.