Areas of activity

Cosmeceuticals Veratin Skin Care is successfully used in several directions, and in each direction we try to fundamentally solve the problems of our customers.

Direction «Cosmetology»

Medicines produced by the company are designed to improve the general condition of the skin, increase skin immunity, restore lipid and water balance of the skin, improve blood circulation and the appearance of the skin.

Veratin Cosmo Cream enhances skin regeneration and epithelization, because itis saturated with vitamins and minerals, plant extracts, higher fatty acids, vegetable oils, flavonoids.

Veratin Cosmo Cream is intended for use after any cosmetic procedures, because it has a noticeable antiseptic, antioxidant, astringent, and anti-inflammatory effect. This medicine can be used as a professional cosmetology tool to complete the procedures, and as an independent home care.

Veratin Classic Forte Сream is designed to heal dry, irritated and cracked skin, improve its condition, and prevents the appearance of scars and welts. This medicine is used for cold allergies, frostbite, rosacea, couperose, vascular mesh on the legs and dermatitis.

Veratin Classic Forte Сream is used to relieve itching and burning, for cuts to prevent the development of an infectious process in the wound, for bruises and non-healing wounds. The cream has a regenerating, radioprotective, epithelizing, angioprotective, metabolic and antiseptic effects.

Direction «Podiatry»

This line includes medicines that are divided into antifungal medications (Micotin Booster, Micotin Nail Repair Balm, Micotin Feet Gel) as well as regenerative medication for example Biotin Podolog Gel. Its action is aimed at the recovery after any traumatic effect on the skin and nail plates, care cream Emollient Urea Cream 10% – cream for home skin care of the feet with urea, professional medication Keratolytic Urea Gel 40% for professional skin care and anti-sweating cream with antibacterial and antifungal activity Anti-sweat Feet Cream.

Micotin Booster has antifungal, antiseptic, and regenerative effects. It is used in case of onycholysis, leukonechia, chromonychia, paronychia, onychomycosis and enhances the growth of healthy nails.

Micotin Nail Repair Balm is designed to restore nails after Shellac in order to prevent fungal infections and nail ingrowth.

Micotin Feet Gel is active against dermatophytes, molds, yeast fungi and fights fungal infections of the skin, skin folds, and nails. Micotin Feet Gel is also effective against interdigital mycoses, skin candidiasis and pityriasis versicolor, dermatomycoses of various genesis

Biotin Podolog Gel is developed to enhance skin and nails regeneration and restoration after any traumatic effect. It is used to treat cracks, dry skin of the legs, and restore nails after antifungal treatment.

Emollient Urea Cream 10% – a mild moisturizer for home skin care. It is used to heal coarse, dry, cracked heels, for home care for hyperkeratosis, and also for the treatment of abrasions, scratches, corns and scabs.

Keratolytic Urea Gel 40% is specially designed for professional use by podologists exclusively for indications. This gel softens corns and scabs before podological cleaning. It is also used to remove nail plates (onychomycosis, onycholysis, onychogryphosis) and to soften the treated surface for hyperkeratosis.

Anti-sweat Feet Cream is applied to control excessive sweating. In addition, it has antibacterial and antifungal effects, prevents re-infection with the fungus, it can be used as a preventive and care product for the skin of the legs.

Direction «Universal cosmeceuticals of a new generation»

This directionincludes Myrtle Cream and Veratin Classic Cream, the development of these preparations was preceded by years of research and several significant scientific findings regarding the composition of funds in this category.

The universality of these cosmeceuticals preparations consists in a wide spectrum of actions: accelerating the restoration of skin and nails after traumatic exposure, protecting the skin with the aggressive influence of external factors, treating skin necrosis, improving blood supply, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial skin protection.

The flagship of this directionis Myrtle Cream, which is used to treat diabetic foot and skin necrosis in podology, strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation and maintains the sensitivity of the feet skin.

Myrtle Cream also effectively protects the patients skin during the radiation therapy, healing the mucous membranes and skin exposed to the aggressive effects of ionizing radiation.

The components that allow the Myrtle Cream to be an adjunct in the psoriasis treatment, combating violations of the keratinization of the skin, removing peeling and inflammation, itching and burning, improving the appearance of the skin and the quality of life of the patient.

Myrtle Cream is an indispensable pharmaceutical preparation in a first aid kit of any family, because it can be effectively used in the treatment of dermatitis of any etiology, long-healing wounds and ulcers, preventing the formation of scars and welts after cuts and abrasions, to reduce old scars.

In addition to Myrtle Cream, Veratin Classic Cream also belongs to this direction, as universal and effective preparation for household burns, cuts, bruises and long-healing wounds.

Veratin Classic Cream has a radioprotective effect and can be used, like Myrtle Cream, during the radiation therapy, because it increases skin immunity, fights burn I and II degrees, removing unpleasant subjective sensations – itching and burning.

Veratin Classic Cream can also be used in the postoperative period, because it prevents the development of infection in the wound, restores the integrity of the skin without scarring.

Veratin Classic Cream has a metabolic and angioprotective effect, that is a significant plus when using this preparation for children with bites and dermatitis and the elderly, because their blood microcirculation in vessels may be impaired.

Whatever preparation you choose – you can be sure on the fact that the composition, methods and results of application stated in the instructions will be true!