Veratin Skin Care – mission, vision, and values

“Flosvita” Company strives to destroy the stereotype that natural cosmetics cannot be effective. How does “Flosvita” do it? By creating with the help of modern technologies and accumulated knowledge about plants together with the obsession to their work a persistent association of the words “health and cosmeceuticals”.

Our mission is to create high-quality, natural, effective cosmetics, based on our knowledge, the power of nature and many years of experience in pharmacology and phytochemistry.

The main values of our Company are health and beauty of our customers, our image as an honest and responsible company and the opportunity to develop in the chosen segment due to the quality and usefulness of our products.

We focus exclusively on the health of people, so we have determined the main goal – to become a leader in the chosen area, helping people who face problems concerning their health of skin and nails.

Cosmeceuticals “Veratin Skin Care” is not just the result of the efforts and work of a large team of like-minded professionals, it is a result of our life positions, our contribution to the health of mankind and what we came to our professions for.