Why People Choose Us

When a company starts up entrepreneurship activity, it must realize their responsibility to consumers. The first manifestation of company responsibility and respect for their customers is the quality of the product. The production of cosmeceuticals “Veratin Skin Care” is based primarily on the safety of components that is achieved due to:

  • rigorous monitoring methods of the biological purity of raw materials;
  • natural methods of exposure to raw materials (in our production we use CO2-extracts of plants)
  • proven old recipes for creams, ointments, balms (Cleopatra’s Handbook, Works of Pliny, Heinrich Mondville, Gildegard von Bingen);
  • three-level of ingredients concentration (about 250 components can be included in one preparation in that way) and the synergism of beneficial effects created in this way;
  • testing drugs for allergenicity and toxicity;
  • combination of the components in the way that the skin independently launches and optimizes the most important processes: regeneration, recovery, biosynthesis, intracellular metabolism.

The second fundamental production factor of “Veratin Skin Care” is the desire to help customers without cheating. Therefore, in the production of our products, we rely on the principle of universality. A wide range of problems that our products are able to solve is the result of a competent approach to the combination of product formulations and the naturopathic concept of production. Thereby “Veratin Skin Care” can be effective in several areas and is suitable for both adults and children. As an example, we can highlight such flagships of our cosmeceuticals:

Myrtle cream is able to absorb old scars, prevent the appearance of new ones, heal fresh wounds and those that do not heal for a long time, treat dermatitis of various genesis, as well as treat a diabetic foot and necrosis, relieve psoriasis and protect the skin during radiation therapy.

Cream Veratin Classic Forte is effectively used for cold allergies, burns I and II degrees and is also active against couperose and rosacea.

Cream Veratin Classic treats cracks in heels, dryness, I and II degree burns, and can also be used to correct ingrown toenails, removing inflammation of the periungual nail.

Another important factor in the company’s responsibility to the consumer is the confirmation of the declared quality through product certification. Researching the product, its properties and composition in a state accredited laboratory with a conclusion that confirms the safety of the product and the veracity of the instructions is a business step towards its customers, proof that the brand can be trusted. You can familiarize yourself with certificates for Veratin Skin Care brand products here.

The Flosvita company is interested in building long-term and trusting relationships with its customers, therefore it pays due attention to the responsibility of business to society, which is manifested in high-quality and current products, certification of each drug and in improved universal formulations.

People Care – Veratin Skin Care!